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Social is finally here for the auto industry.
Car Lister is where car lovers, dealers, writers, or manufacturers can buy, sell, share, and connect.

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Jan. 23, 2015: NADA members, dealers, manufacturers, and industry insiders gain early access to Car Lister social profiles.

Mar. 1, 2015: NADA members, dealers, manufacturers, and industry insiders get invite codes to pass out.

May 1, 2015: Open to public. (Public users are required to connect with a dealer, manufacturer, and industry insider during setup.)

Social Profile Pages beta

Car Lister's social profile pages make it easy to connect and share with other sellers, dealers, and buyers.

The automotive industry finally has a social home. Now you can stop tweeting and start talking.

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Search for cars, view photos, watch, or share cars quickly on Car Lister's browse page.

Click on the title or photo of a car preview to access the full listing. Close the listing and you're back to the page you were at before viewing.

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Direct Messaging

Communication between friends, buyers, sellers, and dealers is simple and quick with Car Lister's integrated direct messaging service.

Video Calling

Explore a car from the comfort of your home and open up new possibilities with Car Lister's integrated video calling through FaceTime (only available on iOS devices).